What Others Are Saying About Lady Clankington

“The lads and I had a go with one of these pieces of fine hand artillery. Didn't leave the cabin for five days!”

--Lord Virgil Butterknuckles, Rear Admiral Royal Navy (Ret.)


“While attending the 104th Sussex Manservant Rally, Lady Stotescrue and I cheered on our favorites as they pulled their wagons around the second bend. At about this time, Lady Stotescrue pulled out a tiny, practically limp little weapon and complained that she was having the most dreadful time achieving any kind of satisfaction in her duels. She was in absolute distress and I just had to introduce her to my Little Death Ray. After going behind the refreshment tent and firing it just once, I was forced to wrest it from the veritable death grip she had on it. I don't dare let it out of my sight again!”

--Dame Edith Weesleshague


“The Baroness always felt terribly insecure during my long voyages to study the courting rituals of aboriginal tribes in various far-off lands. I thought she might feel safer with a little protection, so I ordered one of Lady Clankington's Little Death Rays! Now she feels so safe and secure, she quite often sends me telegrams saying I needn't bother coming home at all! Thank you Lady Clankington for freeing me up to do my life's work!”

--Baron Pudgy Müdphlappes



--Lady Chagswell


“I purchased one of your bloody ray guns for each of my sisters, my wife, and my darling daughter, the flower of virtue at 26! They've started their own dueling club! They and their friends lock themselves away and I hear their screams of agony constantly! Who knows what they're doing to themselves and each other in there?! The bills for voltaic cells have nearly bankrupted me! I'm going to sue you into oblivion!”

--Lord Lawrence “Lumpy” Lairdahs


“Here at the Goedebody's Academy for Educated Ladies, we've had the most dreadful time maintaining discipline amongst the students. I attributed this condition to their overabundance of energies and decided to start a dueling club, under my direction. To this end, I purchased fifteen Little Death Rays. We had to put a limit on their dueling time or they become so proficient that we have a hard time keeping them awake in class! They were reluctant at first but I have given them extensive personal tutelage of the use of your fine weapons.”

--Frau Vettentvatten, Headmistress


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