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Lady Clankington's Disciplinary Assurance Device - $39

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The Story

Good help is always hard to find.  Stay tuned for the full story of the origin of this delightful instrument of corporal satisfaction.

Leather paddle with brass rivets and inlaid brass sheeting, 13" in length and 3" in width at widest point.  The front features a cut-out cog design, while the back bears the logo of Lady Clankington's Dueling Academy.


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  • Pearl (Thursday, October 21 10 04:24 am EDT)

    Hi! I love, love this paddle -- it's absolutely delightful. Could I request a version of it that doesn't include the URL on the reverse side, or otherwise downplays it a bit? I adore your site, but the inclusion of the URL kind of mars the aesthetic of the piece for me, and makes it look / feel a bit more like a promo item than a serious addition to my toy / paddle collection.

    The piece is so pretty that it could totally stand on its own, and garner lots of questions re: "where did that come from??" -- to which I would happily reply that I purchased it from

  • Igor (Friday, June 08 12 07:54 am EDT)

    Took nearly two month to Germany but was absolutely worth waiting for.

  • Lord Brawltimore (Friday, August 17 12 05:24 pm EDT)

    seems like it could use a little more weight in it like if you put a piece of lead sheeting between the layers just saying.

  • Dillian (Saturday, October 20 12 02:04 am EDT)

    Ya learn something new eveyrady. It's true I guess!

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