Butt Rogers Uranium Pistol - COMING SOON!

The Story - COMING SOON!

The Weapon Itself - COMING SOON!

Disclaimer: This product is a novelty item and is not intended to be used as a weapon or to violate any laws in your place of residence.  Please consult the FAQ for our return policy.

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  • SexyShopGirlCanada (Tuesday, August 31 10 12:47 am EDT)

    Wow.. !

    Do you guys make all the guns yourself around the toy you want it to hold... ?

    Awesome idea... !

    I really like it...

  • Mike W. (Thursday, September 02 10 12:03 am EDT)

    Linked to you guys.

    Good luck with the new site!

  • Peter (Tuesday, September 21 10 09:37 pm EDT)

    Hmmm... thoughts of crossing the uranium pistol with a blinkM (http://thingm.com/products/blinkm), triggered of course by the trigger... glowy goodness..

    Please let me know when the Butt Rogers Uranium Pistol is available.


  • hannah (Wednesday, April 06 11 11:58 pm EDT)

    PLEASE oh please...hurry.
    this amazing piece has been "coming soon" for far too long. I've been trying to cum without it! not sure how much longer I can hold out ;-)

  • Bobbie (Tuesday, August 23 11 04:46 am EDT)

    This piece was conget, well-written, and pithy.

  • Allyn York (Saturday, September 24 11 06:58 pm EDT)

    when will this be available ?

  • Peter Pure (Sunday, October 30 11 02:42 pm EDT)

    Butt Rogers Gun
    I want one! how much? when?

  • David Fountain (Saturday, December 24 11 09:51 pm EST)

    How soon will we be seing this? The prototype looks fasinating, but how long to make a producion model?

  • David (Thursday, February 23 12 06:29 pm EST)

    I'm curious, how soon is soon? The last postings are dated 2010, so this is a different definition of soon that I was unaware of! Still an interesting product.

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