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Infernal Devices

Lady Clankington, heiress and adventuress, is quite well-known for her appetite for the new and unique. Indeed, she was once the subject of quite a stir, for gentlemen known to be in her employ had been disappearing without a trace and horrors of the most frightening sort were left to the imagination. Upon later investigation, it was discovered that these individuals weren't even men at all!


Due to her voracious desire for endless...adventure, her husband (an industrialist of some note) expired from exhaustion long ago. In a fit of frustration, Lady Clankington employed the genius of one Dr. Visbaun to create a cadre of strapping automatons that would finally grant her the only company able to keep up with her unending desire...for adventure. As brilliant and well-built as these mechanisms were, even these poor fellows kept wearing out.


Ever more frustrated and in need of satisfaction, Lady Clankington commissions Dr. Visbaun to create various enticements of a most diabolical nature. Each design has been well tested by the lady, herself.


Stay tuned for more Infernal Devices, coming soon!

Conditions of Use

Our products are intended for adults age 18 and over. Lady Clankington makes no warranties and cannot guarantee the fitness of a product for a particular purpose. Our products are primarily intended to be art. As a result, any product sold by Lady C is sold "as is", and you the buyer assume the risk as to the particular performance and quality of the product.

Red Zeppelin

Do you sometime have trouble getting all the way to your destination? Or even just getting off the ground? Lady Clankington has applied her considerable expertease to this problem. Introducing her latest innovation! Behold the “Red Zeppelin”. It is sleek and firm yet riveted to give you a slightly less than smooth ride on your journeys. The twin Stuart-Visbaun Engines are certain to provide plenty of thrust for your adventures.


This lovely piece of silicone insertable art measures 2-1/8 inch in diameter at the widest point, 6 inches from the tip to the front of the fins, and 8 inches overall.

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Lady Clankington's Disciplinary Assurance Device

Good help is always hard to find. Leather paddle with brass rivets and inlaid brass sheeting, 13" in length and 3" in width at widest point.  The front features a cut-out cog design, while the back bears the logo of Lady Clankington's Dueling Academy.


Material: Leather, Brass
Color: Parchment

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Replacement Little Death Ray Barrel

Have you worn out the barrel on your Little Death Ray, due to frequent dueling?  Never fear!  We are more than happy to provide you with a replacement. Please specify in your order if you would prefer gunmetal or bronze.


If there is a defect with your current Little Death Ray, please return the unused product to us and we will replace it free of charge.


Material / Texture:


Material: Plastic

Texture: Smooth

Safety features: Phthalate free / Hypo-allergenic / Food-grade material / Latex free

Design / Shape / Size:

      Insertable length: 6 3/4"
      Circumference: 4"
      Diameter: 1 1/4"
      Weight: 0.4 lb

Functions / Performance / Controls:

      Functions: Vibrating
      Special Features:

  • Waterproof
  • Powerful
  • Multispeed

      Control type: Dial-base
      Powered By: 2 C Batteries (included)

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